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Dr. Alea Baron is available for employers or individuals looking to enhance their personal or professional growth and to have more effective and enhanced working relationships or personal relationships.

Many employees or team members often experience obstacles in their interpersonal relationship dynamics or face internal challenges that prevent them from achieving top performance or goal achievement. Goals during your team member’s performance consulting are curated to each person’s individual personality traits and inherent skill sets to increase their ability to find creative problem solving solutions to the challenges they may experience, and more over to build on their current strengths and talents to generate further top performance in their role within the organization’s business model.

Success Pathways to Role Performance and Leadership:

  • Career Mindset & Upward Mobility
  • Executive Performance & Role Directives
  • Leadership Initiative
  • Cultural Partnerships & Innovation
  • Interpersonal & Relational Dynamics

Her consulting services are unique and tailored to an individuals that uphold the values of personal exploration and growth, family, and a dedication to connection and community. She works with her clients to create a personalized and unique growth plan that includes a review of historical information, personal qualities (strengths, successes, limitations, fears) and desires, and provides consulting on how to integrate these to personal goals and aspirations.

On-going consulting is provided to adults currently in Sacramento, CA or via phone/Zoom who are looking to enhance their personal or professional relationships, as well as relationship consulting, education or career growth.

Dr. Alea Baron specializes in anxiety, depression, trauma, relationships, existential issues, self-esteem, and personal growth. 

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