14 “I am” Statements of Successful Relationships

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Ask Alea: How do I know if I am in a successful relationship?

Every relationship has its ups and downs, and takes work and communication. However, those in healthy or successful relationships find themselves being consistent, well-intentioned, and creating safety. This list of 14 “I am” Statements of Successful Relationships are the keys to knowing that your relationship is healthy, trustworthy, and safe.

1. I am powerful, assertive and confident.

2. I am laughing and full of joy

3. I am maintaining a healthy schedule.

4. I am calm and at peace.

5. I am accepting and forgiving of the hurts that I caused and the ones my partner caused to me.

6. I am expressing my needs openly.

7. I am thoughtful and considerate of my own and my partner’s needs.

8. I am making time for health and wellness.

9. I am feeling stronger and more beautiful.

10. I am trusting and feeling trustworthy.

11. I am treating my partner with complete adoration and affection.

12. I am showing love being creative.

13. I am feeling safe and protected.

14. I am expressing my deepest fears and desires.

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